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Mind the ‘death stick’

Richard Cresta, 32, of Watertown, Mass., was arrested June 26 and charged with prowling after the police received complaints that he was attempting to go through cars near Shaws on Fort Eddy Road, according to a police report.

When a police officer approached Cresta and asked where he was going, Cresta stared blankly, the report said. When the officer asked Cresta if he had any weapons, Cresta said, “Yes, due to the Second Amendment rights,” the report said.

The police took several weapons from Cresta while booking him: two pairs of Nun-Chucks, a chain, a curved knife, an asp Cresta described as a “death stick,” nine Chinese stars and a folding knife, the report said.

Cresta told the police he is a third-degree black belt and needed the knives for cooking to protect himself from “rape and people that hurt children,” the report said.


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