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Reilly asked Schrempf who forced the apartment door open. Schrempf told him that a man who lived in the building next door did, the report said. Schrempf told Reilly he did not know the man's name.

Reilly arrested Schrempf for criminal trespass. While walking out of the apartment, Reilly saw two brown footprints on the lower corner of the door. Inside his patrol car, Reilly looked at the bottom of Schrempf's shoes and didn't see any brown dirt on them, the report said.

Reilly went back inside and noticed the footprints on the door had a square design. When he had looked at Schrempf's shoes, he noticed his sneakers had a wavy design on the bottom. The shoe prints on the door did not match Schrempf's sneakers.

While Reilly was looking at the door, Officer Brian Cregg, who had arrived on the scene earlier, pointed out that the screen to the living room window was not in place. Reilly wrote that he called Officer Ryan Howe to come to the scene and investigate.

Back inside the car, Schrempf told Reilly the exact apartment the man who kicked down the door lived in, Reilly wrote. Reilly asked Marcos to follow up. According to Marcos, the man said he was never in the apartment that evening. The woman was asked again if anyone else was drinking in her apartment that night, and she said that the man Schrempf said kicked down the door, was in her apartment that night, Reilly wrote.

Schrempf was given a $1,000 personal recognizance bail and is due in court on May 5.


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