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Pizza kitty and a girl dressed as death

Missed Connections
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Here at the Insider, we like to peruse Craigslist’s Missed Connections section to find out if anyone saw us in our Halloween costume how Concordians are finding real, lasting love online. Here, we have a special Halloween edition, presented unedited as always.
Girl with cat ears and pabst beer – m4w – 22
Hey you were at Tandys last night with a zombie and a girl dressed as death. You had a striped shirt on with cat ears and told me pabst beer was $2. I was gonna talk with you but I wasn’t sure if you were interested I was with a disco dude and a guy in a trench coat, you may never see this but if you do what was I? And if you’re interested lol
Blu–pny – m4w – 52
You drive the blunt. You are so beautiful. I love when you wear the cowboy boots to work.
pizza kitty – m4w
i want to rip that cat suit off of you and really make you purrrrrr! MEOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Holly at the Hess – m4w 43 
I’d still like to have a final interview with you, come in and finish the process and you can have me undress (completely) to size me up, have me model just the shirt for you and get a second opinion from friends or coworkers, before you make your final decision. Just get on the phone with me and tell me to get my butt in there so you can check it out!
Fatboy – m4w 
Fatboy? I am here and always watching for a sign. Send me a reply and maybe we can talk
Red Blazer – Saturday Night – Impressed With Your English Accent – m4w – 40
We met while leaving The Red Blazer on Saturday night. You and your friend pulled my friend and I over, ha! You two impressed with English accents, to which I of course topped you with my own! :–) Great costume party to which I had no idea was happening and was dressed as me. You however were looking great as a wench!

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