The great story experiment

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We're trying out a new feature here at the Insider. Inspired by an exercise done by Beth Piroso's sixth-grade class at Merrimack Valley Middle School, this week we are going to run a "story-starter," an open-ended beginning to a story. Then we are going to count on reader submissions to continue the story each week.

The inaugural installment comes to us from Brayden Harriman and Noah Seltzer, both 14. It's titled "Easter Bunny." Here we go!

"It's the day before Easter! It's almost here!" said the Easter Bunny working in his shop. "I have all these eggs and baskets for the kids that I must finish before morning comes!"

The bunny was working in his shop painting eggs and baskets for the kids in the morning. He was working all day and night until he was extremely tired and fell asleep right on his work bench.

When he woke up, it was late at night and he had to finish the eggs before morning! He had only 200 left to do and when he got back to the den to get the rest, THERE WERE NO MORE EGGS!

He slept through the day, all the stores were closed, and all the kids would be expecting their treats when they woke up. The bunny thought and thought, then came up with a plan. He will. . .

Now it's up to you, the faithful Insider reader. Continue the story where it left off. You can write it as a group, as a class or by yourself.

Submit the next part of the story to We'll choose our favorite submission to be Part Two of the story!

Thanks, young authors.


The Great Story Experiment, part 2

When we last left the Great Story Experiment, the Easter Bunny was in a terrible pickle. It was the day before Easter, he had 200 more eggs to paint, and he woke up to find that the eggs were missing. Whatever would he do?We got lots of great submissions for Part Two, but we narrowed it down to this one, from 9-year-old… 0

April 26, 2011

Help us continue the story!

You may remember "The Great Story Experiment" feature that we ran last year. Not familiar? We got a reader-submitted "story-starter," basically an open-ended beginning to a story. Then, we asked our readers to send in installments that would continue the story until it reached a logical conclusion. It was pretty cool. Well, we're doing it again! Fifteen-year-old… 0

April 17, 2012


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