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Lies, damned lies and statistics – you can’t keep Pole Rainville down

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The Concord Police Department gave us access to some of the old police logbooks from the historical archives. We think it’s a fascinating glimpse into how life used to be in Concord, so we’ve pulled out some of the more interesting entries and printed them here. Check it out!
Jan. 24, 1940: Returned Geo. Landry’s hound dog to him on Elm St.
Feb. 5, 1940: Complaint of boys fooling with the elec. light switch at Rolfe’s Park. Found to be Robert Lebra and Robert Densmore. They said they would not do it again.
Feb. 29, 1940: Had a call from the Palace that some boys were making a lot of trouble down there. Arthur Dame said that if it don’t stop, he will have them arrested.
Feb. 29, 1940: The suitcase belongs to a woman that kept house for W. Kingston at 7 Washington St. She is crazy.
April 18, 1940: Capt. McIsaac called to investigate on who took a cement pipe and a wooden horse into the cemetery and put it on a grave.
April 22, 1940: Picked up Wm. Cochrane, age 15, 176 S. Main St. and Robert Preve, age 17, 172 S. Main St. for questioning in regards to moving cement pipe and wooden horse into cemetery. Preached them a sermon.
March 20, 1940: Albert Vizena reports someone stealing bread early mornings.
May 29, 1940: Had a call that a necking party drove down into the pipe shop yard.
May 29, 1940: Mrs. T. Murphy, 98 Abbot Rd. would like the cruiser to look over the chicken place on Chapman St. Concord Manor when they are up there. She reports losing about 40 chickens last Monday and she saw someone around there tonight. She hollered at them and they beat it.
June 7, 1940: Mr. and Mrs. J. Loan of Elm St. (Ford Farm) report losing a Bulova wrist watch from a dish in a cupboard at their home. Mr. Loan hired Mrs. N. Rainville to help clean house and they suspect her. They later found the watch on the cupboard shelf.
June 24, 1940: Had a call about a dog that jumped from the train that goes through Penacook at 11 p.m. This dog is an Irish setter, color red, name “Peggy,” value $250.
Sept. 4, 1940: Mrs. Ellsworth complains of boys stealing her pears. Got 4 boys that did it.
Sept. 14, 1940: Chester Reardon 9 ½ W. Canal St. complains of Pole Rainville swearing at his wife. Rainville says it’s a damn lie.


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