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He dabbles in geography, too? What a guy!

Now quit hectoring us for the holidays
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The Grammarnator will abandon hectoring anyone this holiday season and offer an interesting geography lesson. Serendipitous exploration, which began by looking at a map of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in order to get my bearings in a detective novel by Steve Hamilton led me to this information.

There are towns named Christmas in Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, and Mississippi. There are three towns named Santa Claus in the United States and four named Saint Nicholas. North Carolina has an Elf. Dasher is in Georgia, Vixen in Louisiana, Comet in Montana, Cupid in Nebraska, Donner in California, and Blitzen in Oregon. Rudolph splits his time between Ohio and Wisconsin. Pumpkin is in Georgia while Pie, unfortunately, is in West Virginia.

Arizona also has a Humbug. It’s about 360 miles from Christmas, so you can visit both in a day, and you will travel part of the way along the Carefree Highway.

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