Market Days preview: Hail to the Chief

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Police chief John Duval has some tips for Market Days attendees. For a complete Market Days schedule, go to
What are the best ways to get in and out of town? Exit 13, 14 and 15. Centre Street, Storrs Street and North State Street will accommodate the traffic flow around the downtown area. Pleasant Street at the Main Street intersection will be closed.
All right, let’s talk parking. The Capital Commons parking garage will be open, right? Yes, same as last year. Parking will be free after 5 p.m.
What other parking tips do you have for us? As always, motorists should not park too close to intersections, obstruct fire hydrants, block sidewalks, or violate other parking restrictions. My best advice is to plan for time and arrive early.
Speaking of safety, what sort of tips can you offer to festival goers? Dress for the weather and stay hydrated. I suggest leaving pets at home. There will be no roller skates, skateboards, or bicycles allowed in the Main Street area.
What are the most common kinds of calls you get during Market Days? It continues to be calls pertaining to skateboarders, parking complaints, etc.
Have there been any changes to your approach now that there is a beer tent in the mix? Not at all. The beer garden is run responsibly and we had no issues last year.
Last but not least, fill us in on what’s available in the way of public restrooms: The flush toilets in Bicentennial Square will be open and there will be portable toilets on Capitol Street near the State House and others near the beer garden on South Main Street.


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