You can't do that in Concord!

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Did I just hear you say "you can't do that in Concord"? Get out! Now. All right, have I cleared the room. . . oh look, there are a lot of nice people left here to chat with. Fabulous. I'd like to speak with the music fans in particular today. Two items that should be on your radar: Jamantics Presents at Penuche's and Late Night at the Spotlight.

Jamantics Presents is the project of local band Jamantics. They're branching out beyond their own jam-band genre to bring some diverse acts right here to Concord, specifically to Penuche's. Band member Eric Reingold was able to provide more information about this in-progress live music series and says that their experiences playing shows all over New England have allowed them to make great connections. Maximizing those connections to enhance Concord's nightlight was a natural progression.

Past installments in March and earlier this month brought Fiddlehead, a jammy funk band, and two acts bringing music unlike anything else happening in Concord: Outlet and Blue Boy Productions. Hip-hop beats whirl up together with synthesized computer beats, live drums and more to bring some dance to the floor.

Next, on May 12, Jamantics Present at Penuche's: Blacklight Ruckus - someone took Donovan and Camper van Beethoven and stuck them in a blender together. Let the fun begin!

This month marks the second installment of Late Night at the Spotlight at the Capitol Center for the Arts. Late Night is another series that brings local and regional bands to Concord. The first Late Night in March brought out a packed house of music fans to see the Blue Ribbon All-Star Band, Tan Vampires and the Crunchy Western Boys. Dancing, drinks and good times ensued. The Capitol Center opens up the bar and lays out the dancefloor. This element was important to Vivian LeWine, the Capitol Center's new programming manager, and she was thrilled with the result: "Last month's Late Night proved that people are ready to come and out dance to great music."

April 23 is the next installment and features Hot Day at the Zoo and Brothers McCann, zoograss and organic pop. The show is 18-plus, but wine and beer will be available. Add dancefloor. . . add pizza and concessions. Add yourself and 10 friends to support your growing local music scene. $10 in advance, $12 at the door.

The best thing about these two series? Synergy. Synergy creates buzz, buzz creates draw, draw makes nightlife happen. And music festivals. If you haven't heard about the upcoming GoLocal festival and the Granite State Music Festivals, you will soon! More on those later. In the meantime, make sure you cast your votes to support local music, by supporting these shows, and others. Check the listings for the Barley House, Hermanos and the Green Martini. Find what you like and get involved. You have the power.

Penuche's is located at 6 Pleasant St. (on the alley behind Pleasant St.) and its phone number is 228-9833. Capitol Center for the Arts is located at 44 S. Main St. Its phone is 225-1111 and website is


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