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Jan. 6 edition
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Dec. 23
Finger Bite

At about 3 a.m., Officers Joshua Levasseur and Brian Cregg were sent to the 7/11 on Loudon Road for a report of a domestic that had occurred in a nearby apartment.

According to Levasseur's report, when the officers arrived they met with a man, who said that he works third shift at Planet Fitness and had been fighting with his wife all day.

During his shift, he said, he decided to drive home to pick up some stuff so he didn't have to come back in the morning, Levasseur wrote. He had to park in the 7/11 parking lot because his apartment complex hadn't been plowed, he said, and went inside and grabbed some items and brought them back to his vehicle, Levasseur wrote. He then realized he couldn't find his car keys, so he went back to the apartment, where his wife, Melissa Cleasby, 24, began to follow him around the apartment, harassing him, Levasseur wrote.

He told Levasseur that when he went into a room and turned on the light, Melissa would follow and shut the light off, according to the report.

He said Melissa was also slapping him in the back of the head, then pushed him and grabbed his ear and stuck her finger into his mouth to "fish hook" his cheek, and at that point he bit her finger, Levasseur wrote.

He then left and called the police, he said, according to the report.

At that point, Levasseur wrote, Officer Cregg stayed with him, while officers Matthew Lankhorst and Levasseur went to talk to Melissa.

She was in the process of moving her stuff out of the apartment when the officers arrived, Levasseur wrote, and loading it into her father's truck. The officers said they wanted to talk to her, Levasseur wrote, and she brought them to the apartment; there, she broke down crying and said she'd had enough and that her husband was abusive and called her nasty names. She said they'd been fighting all day and she'd thought he was in Keene, when all of a sudden he showed up and began grabbing his things, Levasseur wrote. She said she asked him what he was doing but he didn't answer, and she had a cigarette; when she finished, she began watching him to make sure he didn't break her things, Levasseur wrote. He then left, she said, but after a short time came back and began looking for something. She said they both began looking for the keys and couldn't find them, Levasseur wrote, and that she continued to tell him to leave and said she was angry and crying and pushed him.

She said he then called his father and began making arrangements with AAA, but she could hear him talking about her, too, and the two exchanged words as he was looking through the desk, Levasseur wrote. She said she walked over to the desk and got her camera, thinking he was going to break it, and he started throwing papers at her, Levasseur wrote. She said she "whacked" him in the head every time he threw papers at her, then called her father to pick her up; he continued to call her names and make fun of her while she was on the phone, Levasseur wrote. She said she pushed him again, and while she was pushing him, her hand was in his face and her finger went into his mouth near his cheek and he bit it and left, Levasseur wrote. Melissa said the bite didn't break the skin, and she didn't need medical attention, Levasseur wrote.

Melissa was placed into custody for domestic physical simple assault, and she was taken to the police station and processed. Her bail was set at $2,000 personal recognizance, and she is due in court Jan. 21.

Dec. 28
Loud Singing

At 1:20 a.m., Officers Ryan St. Cyr and Ryan Howe were sent to Bicentennial Square for a noise complaint of a woman singing loudly.

According to St. Cyr's report, when they arrived they talked to Bree Ann Rau Johnson, 26, of Concord. The officers said they were there for a noise complaint, and Johnson said she had been the woman singing loudly, and that she was just at Penuche's and a good band had been playing that night, St. Cyr wrote. (next page »)


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