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Feb. 10 edition
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February 2
Punch in the stomach

At about 8 a.m., Officer Steven Martel was sent to a Concord Gardens apartment for a reported domestic assault. Dispatch told him that a woman had gotten into a fight with her ex-boyfriend and he had punched her. When he arrived, he wrote, he found Donald W. Killian, 23, of Epsom, handcuffed, and his ex-girlfriend sitting on the stairs, hunched over in pain.

"She was hard to understand due to her hyperventilating," Martel wrote.

Martel called the Concord Fire Department to the scene, he wrote, and noted that Killian was bleeding from his fingers. Martel also noticed two cell phones on the floor that had been smashed, he wrote.

The woman was taken to the hospital when the fire department arrived, Martel wrote. Before she left, she told Martel that Killian had broken both her cell phones and punched her in the stomach, Martel wrote.

Martel placed Killian under arrest and took him to the police station for processing, he wrote.

Later, Master Police Officer Daniel Reilly received a statement from the woman, Martel wrote. It said: "Donald came to my apartment in the morning because he was going to give me a ride to physical therapy. He found out that his friend and I had relations last night and he started questioning me about it. He got angry and started yelling at me and I texted one of his friends to come to my apartment but I did not get to finish the text because Don took my cell phone and broke it and then grabbed my other cell phone and broke that one too. He punched me after I tried to stop him from breaking the phones. He grabbed my arm and I went to slap him with my left and he blocked and punched me with the same hand. . . . After he punched me he gave his cell phone to call for medical help because I could not breathe."

Killian was charged with two counts of criminal mischief and two counts of simple assault. His bail was set at $8,000 personal recognizance, and he is due in court March 3.

February 3
Hospital emergency

At about 11 a.m., Master Police Officer Michael Kulak was sent to Concord Hospital for a report that someone had stolen a computer and was being detained by security.

According to his report, when he arrived he found a man later identified as Nelson McAllister standing behind a Ford Taurus sedan, near the helipad.

Several security officers were standing with him, Kulak wrote. They told Kulak that McAllister had been seen trying to take a computer from the registration area and had been caught on video running out of the hospital, through the parking garage and to his car, Kulak wrote. McAllister was stopped as he tried to exit the parking lot, the employees told Kulak, he wrote.

Kulak then spoke to McAllister, he wrote, and McAllister said he had been at the hospital visiting his girlfriend's mother, who was a patient in the ER, and that he left the ER to bring her car home.

When Kulak asked McAllister why he was running through the garage, he said he did not run but walked directly to his car, instead of going through the garage like the security officers said, Kulak wrote.

McAllister asked Kulak if he wanted to search his car, Kulak wrote, and Kulak had him sign a consent form; Kulak did not find any computer hardware in the car, he wrote, but he did find a black winter coat.

Kulak then went into the hospital to see the video, he wrote, and inside he was approached by an ER employee who said she had seen McAllister trying to take a computer.

The woman said she was walking through the hall, approaching the lobby registration desk, Kulak wrote, and passed a small double office cubicle on the left and saw someone under the desk, dismantling the computer. She said he was wearing a coat and a hood, which was pulled tight around his face, and that he was wearing heavy work boots, Kulak wrote. (next page »)


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