Retro police log

Chicken thieves and a bunch of drunks

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Here’s another installation of our popular Retro Police Log series, in which we highlight some of the interesting entries from old Concord Police Department logbooks. Enjoy!
Jan. 7, 1940: Call to Thirty Pines for a suspicious car. Just a fellow and a girl. All O.K.
Jan. 18, 1940: Called to watch for a Schonland truck from Manchester. The driver is drunk.
Feb. 26, 1940: State Police called to stop a car that was all over the road. Stopped. He was not drunk enough to hold.
Mar. 3, 1940: Complaint that there was some blood in the street in front of Mrs. H. Sleeper’s house on Merrimack St. Found it was red paint.
May 9, 1940: Robert Jones of Charles St. says someone stole 121 white leghorn chickens 5 days old from his cellar.
May 10, 1940: The deputy went to Gilmanton and the only chickens they have are 250 in the attic and they are all black. Not a white one on the place.
May 10, 1940: Call to the bog about a bunch of drunks. They were gone when I got there.


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