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This Is Paradise

Kristiana Kahakauwhila

2013, 235 pages


In these six short stories, we are invited to see Hawaii from the lives of ordinary people. In the first story we see the tension that exists between the locals and the tourists. A young girl is warned by the locals that the man she is with has been in prison and is probably dangerous. The girl eschews their warning; after all, this is paradise — what could happen in paradise? When the locals see on the news that her body was found on a local beach they wonder if they could have done more to save her. The second story tells of a girl who takes over her father’s cock fighting operation to get revenge for some old wrong. In the end she realizes that sometimes revenge isn’t worth what it costs. In the last story, a dying father must pass on the family ranch to a son who lives off-island and has secrets of his own that may keep him from running the ranch and making peace with his family.

Recommended for anyone who likes a quick read, a good story or likes to try new authors.
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