‘Short short story’ film festival is coming to Concord

Strange bathfellows in Polish animated short Bear Me.
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Friends exchange a knowing glance in Taboule.
The sun-crazed lemonade dealer of Fata Morgana.


The Short Short Story Film Festival is coming to NHTI on Nov. 16-17. We screened some of the films on the schedule to give you a little taste of what to expect.
Taboule: A man’s gotta have a code. This Spanish-language film from director Richard Garcia is about two men eating lunch on a rooftop and discussing the level of trust in their relationship by sharing ATM PIN codes.
Bear Me: An animated tale about a young woman and her increasingly adorable and unusual stable of pets/friends. From Polish director Kasia Wilk.
Out Of Body: A former dancer comes to terms with life after her multiple sclerosis diagnosis and her plans to use cryogenics to perhaps one day gain control of her once-agile body.
Sinfonie der Dumpfbacken: A board meeting at a German nodding dog company devolves into a symphony of fools.
Fata Morgana: A lemonade dealer in the middle of the desert is a thirsty traveler’s only hope in this Dutch cartoon. Or was it all a mirage?
Rewind: What happens if you play Run Lola Run backward? You get this film about a time travel paradox. Complete with an ample helping of Belgian techno.

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