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May 26, 2015
12:22 PM
Concord Young Professional Of the week

Charlie Cole won’t do the no plants dance, even after working all day

Each month, the Concord Young Professionals Network spotlights one of its up-and-comers. This month, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Charlie Cole of Cole Gardens. Where do you live? Concord. Where do you currently work? Cole Gardens. Where did you go to school?  Endicott College. What do you like to do for fun? I’m looking forward to getting out on the golf course. The course…

May 26, 2015
11:50 AM
These boots are made for . . .

Nothing like a leisurely inside stroll to get in your daily exercise

We all need exercise in some way, shape or form. Isn’t that how we stay away from ending up a certain shape that’s reminiscent of a beach ball? But when you get a little further along in life, staying active is even more important – not only for your health, but the social side of things. So when Becky Bukowski joined the Concord Parks and Recreation Department as the senior programming coordinator, she held…

May 26, 2015
11:17 AM
Red Mamba

Matt Bonner on Twitter was as good as you thought it would be

There are a lot of things that would make Twitter better – automatic troll control, a loud buzzer sound whenever someone hastily posts shoddily-sourced news,  scratch-and-sniff functionality – but undoubtedly the No. 1 thing Twitter needs is Matt Bonner. Bonner has thus far resisted opening his own account, and we’re all a little worse off for it. How do we know? Because we saw the true power of Bonner tweets last week. Concord’s own conquering hero, the Red Mamba himself, took over the Cimo’s South End Deli Twitter account for about an hour Wednesday…

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