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Apr 28, 2015
9:43 AM
‘Sup, Dawgs

Dogs were on the loose for some Bark in the Park fun at Rollins Park

The much anticipated Bark in the Park event at Rollins Park was a smashing success Sunday, drawing large crowds of two- and four-legged participants to help raise money for the potential restoration of a K-9 unit to the Concord Police Department somewhere down the line.

Apr 28, 2015
11:44 AM
We’ll take a large with sprinkles

Making homemade ice cream is a way of life at Arnie’s Place

When it comes to ice cream, there are really no rules. If you want a fruity taste or even fruit mixed in, there’s plenty of flavors to choose from. Chocolate chips, nuts, cookies and candy also make nice additions to the frozen treat. But if you want the classics – vanilla, chocolate and strawberry – that’s fine, as well. You might be called boring, but at least you’ll have…

Apr 28, 2015
10:28 AM
Hey you guys

You can fit a lot of treasure in Sharon Cuddemi’s Gooney Bags

Sharon Cuddemi’s late husband Carl used to call her gooney. Don’t ask Cuddemi why, but that was her nickname. So when she started sewing bags and selling them, Cuddemi needed a name for her product line – something for people to identify her by. A friend suggested using her nickname, and soon Gooney Bags was born. “As goofy as it is, people remember me,” she said. Now if you’re…

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