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Mar 24, 2015
12:11 PM
All aboard

Let us be your tour guide for all the soups you didn’t know existed

We all know about traditional soups. You know, the ones like chicken noodle, tomato and french onion that you can find on the menus of many fine establishments you frequent on a daily or weekly basis. There are others like clam chowder, chili and vegetable that are also quite common, but by now you should know that we’re always in a never-ending search for the uncommon and…

Mar 24, 2015
12:02 PM
Grab a spoon

Tim made a buffalo chicken soup that didn’t have to be thrown out

After spending a week talking nothing but soup, I had to make one myself. But as someone who has very little experience making pots of steaming broth, vegetables and meat (my wife, Mary is good at that), I wanted to try something a little different, but not too difficult. Early on I decided it had to have buffalo chicken in it. Why? Because I like it, that’s why. So Mary and I searched…

Mar 24, 2015
11:49 AM
Learning things

We checked in with some experts to find out how to make a tasty soup

Have you ever heard of stone soup? Well, apart from sounding a little on the crunchy side, it’s actually the premise for an old folk tale about a group of travelers who tell the locals about their above mentioned soup and how it needs a little of this and a little of that to make it complete. As the towns people contribute vegetables and spices, the soup gains flavors and taste until…

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