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Feb 24, 2015
12:30 PM
Spread your wings

Come fly with us as we look at N.H. aviation – in picture form

If you haven’t seen the exhibit, A Focus on New Hampshire Aviation, at the N.H. State Library, we have some good news. The pictures on these two pages are from it, but the bad news is that it will only be on display through Wednesday, which means you only have mere hours to check it out. Oh, well you might as well enjoy these in the mean time.

Feb 24, 2015
3:19 PM
Bingo was its name-0

The world is a nicer place because of these students

In December at Rundlett Middle School, at a time when most kids were thinking about what they were going to get for Christmas, a number of students took part in PRIDE Bingo, a game that required one to do good deeds for others and not think of oneself. Pictured are some of the more than 130 students who completed a minimum combination of three rows, columns or diagonals of activities. Students…

Feb 24, 2015
3:07 PM
Choose your own adventure

The ultimate fate of our gingerbread house is in your hands, readers

You may recall that back in December, Tim teamed up with Sue Chandler to make one heck of a good lookin’ gingerbread house. How good lookin’? Good enough that we’ve left it in the Insider pod ever since. But the braintrust in the building has told us it’s time to usher our lovely house out the door, before a family of rodents decides to move into the thing (it is delightfully…

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