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Jan 27, 2015
10:26 AM
Keep it to football

Here’s some stuff to stay away from at your party

When it comes to Super Bowl Sunday, you can usually count on being huddled around the old flat screen with a bunch of people you may or may not know while eating lots of food that you’ll probably regret on Monday. And in these parts, with the Patriots going for the fourth title in team history, you better believe that 99 percent of the New England population will be watching with giant knots in their stomachs – and again, we’re not just talking about the food. We understand that not everyone is a big sports fan or really even cares about the game at all, but if you’re…

Jan 27, 2015
12:09 PM

You can win a ton of free food if you can caption this photo

Avid reader that you are, you may recognize that photo above from last week’s newspaper when we helped Boloco announce its Memphis BBQ burrito in honor of Elvis’s birthday. Well, the fine people at Boloco really liked the caption that we used (::brushes dirt off shoulder::) – so much so that it inspired a contest that can benefit you! We want you to come up with your own caption for the above picture and email…

Jan 27, 2015
10:24 AM

City Briefly

Each week, City Manager Tom Aspell folds up a couple of paper footballs for some tabletop action at the office, but during the first game he flicks one right off the fire alarm, setting off screeching sirens and the sprinkler system. Thankfully the water spells out a city memo in the carpet. Class is in sessionIt’s the Concord internetsConcord General Services has published a new YouTube video instructing viewers how to navigate the city website,, Aspell writes. Our advice: with caution. Big Brother is watching, you know. The video provides a general overview of how…

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