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Jul 21, 2015
10:44 AM
Watch out fish

We asked Fish and Game for the lowdown on becoming an angler

It’s safe to say that if you’re looking to learn how to fish, you don’t want to ask us. We have almost no experience outside of a couple unsuccessful attempts with friends as young lads and one deep sea excursion that resulted in a new T-shirt for the worst fisherman. But luckily we aren’t about to supply you with a bunch of mumbo jumbo that makes us sound like we know what we’re…

Jul 21, 2015
11:21 AM

Quality Cash Market’s Tony Heath has been cutting meat for 50 years

We’re willing to bet Tony Heath has been cutting meat longer than you’ve been doing just about anything. After all, he’s been at it for 50 years now (not consecutively, of course. He does go home to sleep sometimes.) Heath is the owner of Quality Cash Market on Eastman Street, and the market is celebrating its annual Customer Appreciation Day tomorrow (July 22). What Heath doesn’t…

Jul 21, 2015
9:58 AM
Capital Area Wellness Coalition

Getting your fitness on literally means wearing cool new stuff now

I was at the park last Sunday, and witnessed dozens of busy, health-conscious Americans walking, jogging, and biking in the area. Most of them were looking at what I thought was their watches.  Then it hit me . . . it’s a Sunday, a leisure day for most. What could be so urgent on this day of rest that would have these folks so pressed for time? Most of them weren’t actually looking at their watch; rather, they were peering into the abyss of information gleaned from the various wearable fitness devices that they were ‘sporting’ – pun-intended! This new wave of…

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