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Aug 04, 2015
1:11 PM
Dispatches from the road

These pictures from the St. Paul’s bikers are worth a thousand pedals

The St. Paul’s students who biked across the country to raise money for Ride 2 Recovery clearly didn’t enjoy themselves at all (**sarcasm**). Thankfully they blogged about the whole trip. Here are some photo highlights.

Aug 04, 2015
1:04 PM
Hey, that’s in Concord

You might notice some familiar places in Peter Coe’s work

If you walk around the Carolyn Jenkins Gallery (also known as the Carriage House) at Kimball-Jenkins you’ll see that Peter Coe likes to paint things that you’ll see just about any day you take a drive around Concord. The exhibit is on display through Aug. 28.

Aug 04, 2015
1:22 PM
Still going strong

The Concord 250 party doesn’t end with next week’s celebration

As you will soon see, assuming that you keep reading this edition of the Insider (which we highly recommend), Concord 250 is stepping up it’s game starting Monday with a week-long celebration. While the group dedicated to keeping the birthday party going for New Hampshire’s state capital has been doing quite a job so far, this is by far the most work that will be put in. When you hit 250, it’s really got to…

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