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Jan 20, 2015
3:42 PM

Our cameras and stomachs hit up the macaroni and cheese bake off

Granite State Dairy Promotion held the New Hampshire’s Own Macaroni and Cheese Bake Off on Saturday, and it was a delicious thing to behold.

Jan 20, 2015
4:17 PM
He made that giant eyeball

St. Paul’s Hargate Gallery is home to Tom Devaney’s latest creations

You may know Tom Devaney from that giant eyeball that keeps a close watch over the intersection of Pleasant and Main streets, but what you may not know is that he’s quite the accomplished artist besides his recorded organ of vision. Want proof? A lot of his stuff is on these pages and even more of it is on display under the title, Simultaneous Perspectives, at St. Paul’s School’s…

Jan 20, 2015
12:23 PM
Hunger strike

Concord High students create Hunger Games for Hunger for charity

One of the biggest summer blockbusters for the past few years, The Hunger Games franchise, has inspired a lot in youth culture since the novels first hit the racks in 2008. T-shirts, toys, and even Jennifer Lawrence’s trademark braid are in high demand among the series’s target demographic, teens. The irony there being that The Hunger Games actually depict a dreary future where a…

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