Red River Theatres is just about 10 years old

The original marquee for opening night at Red River Theatres. Courtesy
The original marquee for opening night at Red River Theatres. Courtesy

Do you remember what you were doing on Oct. 19, 2007?

Well, if you lived in Concord and had been hoping beyond hope for the New Hampshire state capital to add an independent cinema, there’s a good chance you went to opening night at Red River Theatres.

Outside of a special ribbon cutting ceremony and open house two days prior, it was the first time Red River opened its doors for outsiders to see just what an indie movie house looked like.

To kick off the new era of watching films in Concord, Red River played blockbuster films like Red River (the theater’s namesake), Paris Je T’aime and In the Shadow of the Moon. And now a decade later, many of those involved with the theater’s success and growth over the years – along with fans and supporters – are ready to celebrate what is considered quite the milestone for something that was so uncertain in the beginning.

There were many name options in the beginning, and a different location – the old Concord Theater – was discussed. But the allure of a brand new space put them in its current, and only, location.

Red River opened after a seven-year community effort and $1.8 million capital campaign.

“We truly bring something unique to the community,” said Angie Lane, executive director of Red River, who previously worked as the events and marketing manager and went to the opening ceremony. “I like to think it brings people together and creates connections.”

Since opening, the theater went completely digital after just a couple years and completed a much-needed and very nice renovation to the Simchik Cinema this year.

And it’s a two-fold toast to the last 10 years.

On the actual birthday of Red River’s opening night (next Thursday, Oct. 19), there will be a special birthday celebration with a special screening of Red River, which if you’re not familiar with the film, features the legendary John Wayne and is about a group of people taking on an insurmountable task. Probably the some way people felt about getting the theater off the ground.

“We were something new that never existed, and people may have never been to an indie cinema,” Lane said. “It’s kind of incredible that we’re here 10 years later.”

In addition to the screening, there will be a special treat provided by Granite State Candy and something else that you might associate with a birthday. Tickets are $12 and $10 for members.

Then on Oct. 21, Red River is hosting a fun-filled night of trivia, food and people.

It will be held in the Capital Commons Building to accommodate the large group (up to 150) they’re expecting. And it should be a good time had by all.

“It’s 10 years and we wanted to do something bigger,” Lane said.

There will be five rounds of movie trivia, broken up by a buffet meal by O Steaks and Seafood.

Cocktail hour will be from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., followed by two rounds of trivia. Then there’s a break for food, with two additional rounds and more food.

After the final round, there will be what is surely to be a tasty dessert, with another special treat from Granite State Candy.

The format will be like pub trivia, where each table of eight puts their answers on a sheet and the team with the most correct wins. No having to be the first to hit the buzzer on this night.

“We’re going to pepper it with movies that have been shown here over the last 10 years, so if you’ve been coming here, you’ll have a good leg up,” said Katie Mosher, events and marketing manager who has been at the cinema in many capacities since the first year and went to opening night.

You’ll also be able to Buy A Steelman, which is an alternative question that may or may not be easier. There’s also the option to Rent The Expert, both for a to be determined amount of money. Tickets are $75 per person or $600 for a table of eight.

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Author: Tim Goodwin

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