Missed Connections: Look who’s trying to find love on Craigslist

We took to Craigslist last week to see who had been posting on the Missed Connections pages in our neck of the woods during September. And we found a ton of great entries to share – and that we could print, unedited, of course.


Walmart Sangria girl – m4w – Sept. 28

You are tall and beautiful. I could’t stop looking at you. I hope you see this. What did I ask you?


shoes – m4w – Sept. 25

hey so i can’t get you out of my mind and hope you find this. we crossed paths at the steeplegate mall you were showing me your new shoes. you were very cute! i hope you see this and message me! i’ll look forward to hearing from you!


Concord buffet – m4w – Sept. 23

We exchanged smiles and a few words, you were very sexy. Just saying hi if you are out there.


You walk your daughter to school every morning – m4w – Sept. 22

I see you every morning walking your daughter to school. You walk down south street heading towards Tuckers. We made eye contact this morning as I drove by and you smiled. Tell me what color car I drive to make sure it’s you. I hope you see this. You’re very beautiful and I’d love to chat and see where this goes.


Capital Center for the arts single ticket I gave you Monty Python – m4w – Sept. 21

I met you by chance at the John Cleese presentation of The Holy Grail. You asked if we could sit together! I lost track of you and didn’t ask what seat before you took the ticket. It felt like we should know each other.


Gray suburban – 93 S. – m4w – Sept. 20

I can’t believe I’m posting this – but a few weeks ago on a Thursday around 4 o’clock in the afternoon – this beautiful dirty blonde woman was driving a gray suburban ( with a dent in the back tailgate) southbound – we play cat and mouse a couple times, and then you waved as I left the highway – you are absolutely beautiful !! I believe I saw the vehicle again operate on the Holderness area a couple days ago – but cannot be certain . Please reach out if this sounds like you…


Federal court – m4w – Sept. 19

We kept saying hi to each other before and after the King lecture at the federal court. You: long black hair, dark complexion, pretty dress, attractive smile. Me, black-white suit, closely shaved scalp … I missed my chance to introduce myself. Second chance please?


I wonder – m4w – Sept. 19

I see you almost everyday when I pick up my son from daycare. You’re absolutely gorgeous. You drive a black maxima, tall, golden blonde hair, blue eyes. You have a son about 11 or 12? I have no idea if you’re married but if you aren’t I hope you catch wind of this. I cant bring myself to start conversation at the daycare. Doesn’t seem like an appropriate place to do so. But the way you looked at me today makes wonder if you’re interested like I am.


Tandy’s hippie chick – m4w – Sept. 19

You are a dreadlocked Pictish pagan with a fear of spiders. I was quite jealous of the bearded hipster who had the pleasure of tasting your little mouth. I’m the blond Saxon who was sitting next to you dreaming about pillaging your village and claiming you as my own. I hope to see you again.


Cahtting on the trails at Sewall Falls today. – m4w – Sept. 18

It was a lovely chat with you today and I wish you the best on receiving good word on the pending job offer. Enjoyed hearing about your background and travels. You were very easy on the eyes as well.. Hope you see this and decried to respond.


Starbucks – m4w – Sept. 17

It was Sunday at 1. You were leaving with your coffee. You have straight black hair, were wearing a black top and jean shorts. You’re smoking hot!! You saw me checking you out and did the head/hair toss thing. Would love to buy you a coffee…. Tell me what color/kind of car you were driving and any details you remember, so I know it’s you.


Blonde woman at Bow Circle K – m4w – Sept. 17

Beautiful blonde woman at the Bow Circle K yesterday just before noon who walked past me with the white shirt on. You definitely saw me checking you out and I’m almost sure you heard me comment on your very sexy body. You were driving a black Volvo and you did something very particular before you got to your car. Doubt you will even see this, but if you do, reply with what you did or what I was doing.


Red Apple on Thursday 9-14 – m4w – Sept. 15

you were with 2 or 3 of your friends in the booth section at 11ish when they first opened. You looked to be the tallest of them, long blond hair. Just wanted to say you were gorgeous! Passed you a couple times out in the buffet area, but didn’t say anything as I’m a little older than you and wasn’t sure if you like older men.


Concord market basket. Short brunette with beautiful blue eyes – m4w – Sept. 11

First saw you by the humus selection , I stood beside you and picked up some humus. I really just wanted to talk to you..Lol

We made eye contact a few isles over and you gave me a smile, I kicked myself for not speaking to you then. I was too busy looking for a ring. You weren’t wearing one.. I looked for you later at the check out but didn’t see you. You were wearing a pinkish purple shirt. If you see this and are interested in getting to know each other. Reply on what I was wearing…

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