Go Try It: Nothing like trying to win some cash at work

Buy yourself a Patriots scratch ticket and maybe you can win some money (or break even) like we did. TIM GOODWIN / Insider staff
Buy yourself a Patriots scratch ticket and maybe you can win some money (or break even) like we did. TIM GOODWIN / Insider staff

There are just somethings that are synonymous with fall. Apple picking – which we’ll get to next week, raking leaves (which we hope to never have to do again) and football.

And in case you weren’t aware, our New England Patriots are fresh off their fifth Super Bowl title. Not only does that supply all of us with bragging rights for an entire year, but it also means a new scratch ticket game through the New Hampshire Lottery.

Appropriately, this year’s version is called 5X World Champions and goes for a cool Abe Lincoln – that’s a $5 bill if you’re not sure what presidents appear on what value of currency.

How it works is that you get five winning numbers and if those match any of the 15 numbers on the card, you win that value. If you scratch off a goal post symbol, you win double the amount shown. The word Touchdown will land you all 15 prizes. So, of course, we were hoping for a touchdown, just like when the Pats are on offense.

While cruising around the city doing all kinds of fun things last week, we stopped at the Shell on Loudon Road for gas, and that’s when we saw the ticket for sale inside.

Feeling lucky, we bought just one ticket (even though the nice cashier said we could get another with the $10 we handed over). But this was for a story, not our personal enjoyment. We have standards to uphold.

Once back at the office, we took the only penny we could find and began to scratch.

Once all of our numbers were revealed (39, 23, 24, 16 and 8), it was time to win some money. First scratch was a match (39), earning our $5 back. It seemed like this might be a good one. That is until we scratched the other 14 and not a single other match came up. Oh well, at least we broke even. The odds of winning are 1 in 4.57, so we fell pretty fortunate to not be on the losing end.

But even if you don’t win a prize instantly, including the automatic $50 if you reveal an OT symbol in the Bonus Box, you can still come out on top.

There’s a second chance drawing for game tickets for both this season and next. There are drawings in October, November, February, April and June, which would probably be a lot better than getting our money back – assuming we’d actually win one of those packages.

So if you’re feeling lucky, take a shot at winning some cold, hard cash before all the good prizes are won.

For more info, visit  nhlottery.com/Scratch-Tickets/$5/5X-Patriots.

Author: Tim Goodwin

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