Missed Connections: Look who’s trying to find on Craigslist

We took to Craigslist last week to see who had been posting on the Missed Connections pages in our neck of the woods during the month of August. And we found a ton of great entries to share – and that we could print, unedited, of course.


Red hair in a silver car – m4w (Concord) – Aug. 31

I saw you a little after 1 in concord. I drove past you while you were getting ready to stop at a red light. I had a black car and we locked eyes, hit me up if you’d like to talk.


JENNA missing Google Plus Friend – t4t (Concord) – Aug. 31

Jenna ,you ssaid you were a bad gurl…then you dissappeared.Now that summer is gone….what will we plan for the winter,a weekend at Pinkham Notch. Or ????


89 north friday – m4w (Concord) – Aug. 27

Was a pleasure playing catch up and pass when we finally got near enough on 89 on friday. Was hoping we were going the same way…


Very sexy Petco Concord on Sunday afternoon – m4w (Concord) – Aug. 27

My son and I were in Petco on Sunday afternoon around 2 pm. We were walking to the registers and saw you going towards the ferret tank. I thought you were very attractive but couldn’t stop cause I was trying to control my son. If you see this and want to talk more, message me. Would love to hear from you.


at Target – m4w (Concord) – Aug. 26

You rang up my stuff today at Target. I think your hair is incredible and you are gorgeous. Hit me up.


Amazing legs! Hannaford Concord around 9pm – m4w (Concord) – Aug. 18

Worth a shot. Noticed you checking me out at the checkout. You had the most amazing legs in those shorts!


Lisa – m4w (Concord) – Aug. 18

It was really nice to meet you today! I wish it was better circumstances for you.:) Your eyes and your perfume we’re amazing! I felt like we connected a little but we didn’t show it. When I was leaving you touched and said it was nice to meet you. I melted! Hope our paths cross again!


bow junction dunkins – m4w (bow/concord) – Aug. 13

you work at the bow junction dunkins and you have been working the drive through a few times I’ve gone through. the first time you told me you liked my car. your very beautiful and id love to actually meet you. doubt you’ll ever see this but its worth a shot.

You were on the elipitical – m4w (Concord) – Aug. 13

I saw you this morning at Planet Fitness you were on the elipitical I showered you were working on your abs. Just noticed that you don’t wear a ring, and you were alone.

Love to meet you for coffee sometime. I think you are very hot.


You rode your bike to the 5k in Concord tonight – m4w (Concord) – Aug. 3

I only said a few words, you were with your friends. It’s not easy to mingle at running events.

You had a nice smile 🙂


Concord Constuction Foreman – m4m (concord) – Aug. 3

Hey bud, you and your crew are working on a project at a workplace. We have said a few things in passing and it seems like there may be mutual interest. I see a ring and assume you are married. Safe and respectful here. HMU if you see this.

Author: Insider Staff

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