Book of the Week: ‘The Chalk Pit’

The Chalk Pit

Elly Griffiths

2017, 360 pages



Ruth Galloway is called to look at some bones that have been unearthed in a tunnel under the city of Norwich, England. She is concerned because the bones show signs that they were in a pot, possibly cooked. This could indicate cannibalism. The age of the bones are key as a developer wants to build an underground restaurant in this location. But more importantly, is this the site of a murder?

There are numerous tunnels under the city that were once used in chalk mining. It’s a labyrinth of crumbling tunnels. A homeless woman named Barbara goes missing, and then a homeless man is murdered in front of the police station. DCI Nelson and his team are trying to find the missing woman and a murderer. Are the two linked? There’s talk of people “going underground.” Is the missing woman being held in the maze of tunnels?

Ruth and Nelson have a complicated relationship, but they have to work together to solve this mystery. Ruth, a single mother, must also take care of her young daughter Kate and cope with a family crisis.

This mystery is the newest in the Ruth Galloway series. I especially like this story because of its setting and its memorable characters. It will keep you guessing.

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