We took a field trip to Penacook, Boscawen and Canterbury

We took a field trip to Boscawen, Penacook and Canterbury last week to see what we could find. JON BODELL / Insider staff
We took a field trip to Boscawen, Penacook and Canterbury last week to see what we could find. JON BODELL / Insider staff

We don’t get to leave Concord that often, so when we do, we really like to make it count.

Since we started taking these field trips a few months ago, we’ve traveled far and wide to exotic destinations like Sunapee, Henniker and Hooksett. For this issue, we decided to stay a little closer to home.

While it’s always fun and exciting to check out some faraway place we’re not familiar with, we thought it would be interesting to explore some towns right around here – after all, if you’re reading this in paper format, you’re in Concord or Bow and you probably spend most of your time in this general area.

That’s why we decided to check out Penacook, Boscawen and Canterbury.

While Penacook may be technically part of Concord (though we couldn’t really find anybody who could give us a firm definition of what exactly Penacook is), the other two locations are real towns on their own, and apart from a brief trip to Concord’s borders several years ago, we’ve never spent any time in either.

You may not think of Penacook, Boscawen and Canterbury as hotbeds of activity, but we found a good amount of attractions and general points of interest to keep us busy for a week – which means you should have no trouble finding something to do in any of the three places yourself.

It’s true that none of these towns really qualify as an economic or cultural/social hub, but each has its own charms and quirks – and that’s the best stuff, anyway.

On our trip(s) last week, we just wanted to find as much cool stuff as we could in each of the three places. We focused on things that everybody in the public can go and check out on their own, and we specifically tried to find things that the whole family can enjoy.

While a few things we wanted to check out weren’t open during the week, we found plenty of free, outdoor attractions that anyone can visit any time they want.

We also found some hidden gems we weren’t expecting to find, and learned a lot about the communities surrounding the capital city. We hope you’ll learn a thing or two, too.

Author: Jon Bodell

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  1. I am very disappointed with the portion of the article about Penacook. I wonder if they actually visited Penacook because the Slot car business has not been on Village street for at least 4 years. There is so much more on Village Street and in Penacook. Penacook Village has grown so much in the last 3 years. There have been beautiful changes- new gazebo, traffic circle, landscaping, many new businesses and space for people to gather outside right at the village center. Many businesses were solicited to advertise and a huge amount did. It is too bad the reporters couldn’t write a current article when the ads department did their job. I was excited as a resident of Penacook and a business owner in Penacook: PranaSTRONG Yoga & Wellness to have the Concord Insider feature my town. I am upset that I was miss lead by the The Concord Monitor staff as to what the article would be about when asked to place an ad. The Concord Insider should retract the article and come down to Penacook to see the real Penacook of 2017.

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    • Rebecca,
      The point of these field trip issues is to showcase attractions that tourists visiting the town for the first time would want to check out during a day trip. We didn’t feel people would necessarily be interested in visiting gazebos and traffic circles and things like that. A yoga business also didn’t seem like it would fit into the theme — we couldn’t picture people stopping on a whim to drop into a yoga class while driving through town. We’re sorry if you felt you were misled.

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