Go Try It: You can get a full pint at Lithermans Limited

Now that Lithermans Limited in serving food in its tap room, you can get a full pint of your favorite beer. Tim Goodwin
Now that Lithermans Limited in serving food in its tap room, you can get a full pint of your favorite beer. Tim Goodwin

If there was one downside to Lithermans Limited’s tap room, it was the restrictions on what you could get for beer.

Since the craft brewery opened its doors just over a year ago, you could only get a single 4-ounce taster of each beer they had on tap. No refills and no larger amounts.

That is until last Friday.

After being given the okay to start serving food, Lithermans not only has a small menu to choose from to cure that after-work snack hankering, but more importantly, you can now get an actual pint of that brew that best quenched your thirst.

“People asked all the time. They wanted a pint of their favorite beers,” said owner Steve Bradbury. “We got tired of saying no.”

So tired they actually invested in one of those “no” buttons.

Now, we’ll admit, we were just going to try out their Misguided Angel IPA and had no idea about the latest developments when we stopped in on Friday, but we were happily surprised to be one of the firsts to experience the new addition. But it only makes sense that we were there for the soft opening, considering we were at Lithermans for the first day they were open.

“It was a very important next step for us,” Bradbury said.

So instead of a couple of 4-ounce tasters of Lithermans creations we had never tried, we opted for an entire 16-ounce glass of the Misguided Angel – and a slice of pepperoni pizza for good measure.

And before we tell you more about the food, the Misguided Angel is a New England-style IPA that has a ton of great hop flavor, but is so smooth that even the non-IPA drinker will enjoy it. Just be careful, because it is 7.2 percent alcohol by volume, although we certainly could have kicked back a couple if not for the fact that we were on the clock.

“It’s been tough to keep up with the demand for it,” Bradbury said.

On the food side of things, Lithermans is serving up slices ($3 for one or $5 for two) and gourmet PB & J with strawberry preserves and natural peanut butter on sourdough for $5.

They have the option of a Caesar side salad for $5 or for an extra $3, you can get chicken on it.

There will also be a soup or stew of the day ($5) to go along with the pizza slice options.

And while we really shouldn’t have to say this, you should go try it.

Author: Tim Goodwin

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