When you play Bean Boozled, nobody wins

How lucky are you feeling? Take a spin of the wheel and find out what flavor you get to try.
How lucky are you feeling? Take a spin of the wheel and find out what flavor you get to try.

As we’ve said many times before, we’ll do just about anything for a story.

That includes taking part in things we know we’ll never succeed at – or on rare occasions, actually enjoy.

With this being the Easter Issue, we thought it would be fun to try something to match the theme.

We couldn’t go sit on the Easter Bunny’s lap because that would fall somewhere on the scale between creepy and weird, and we’re a little old for the local Easter egg hunts.

We could send you on an egg hunt around the city, but that had been done before – plus, that’s a lot of work for us. You see, we couldn’t put the eggs out last week because people would find them, so that meant we’d have to get up real early on the day the Insider comes out, and we’re not exactly thrilled when we have to be up super early.

So what else is Eastery that we could do?

It had to be a little fun, and, of course, outside the box. Then it hit us. Why not play a couple rounds of Bean Boozled?

If you’re not familiar with the game, it’s pretty simple. It consists of a canister filled with small packs of jelly beans with a game show-type wheel on the top. But these aren’t just any jelly beans.

Bean Boozled comes with 10 different looking jelly beans. But the catch is that each jelly bean color comes in two flavors. One is a flavor you’ll want to eat – and the other is not.

And that’s where that spinny wheel comes into play. It tells you what jelly bean to eat, and it’s luck of the draw as to which flavor you end up with.

We found this one at Marshalls, although we’ve heard you can get them at a bunch of different stores.

You can play by yourself or with a group – all they recommend is that you have a trash can close by.

If you get, say, a tutti-frutti, berry blast or juicy pear, you’ll be just fine. But if you get those flavors’ alter egos, like stinky socks, toothpaste or booger, then chances are you’ll want to spit it out. As for the other flavors you might have to taste, there’s dead fish, rotten egg, canned dog food, moldy cheese, spoiled milk, barf and lawn clippings. Now you see the need for something to spit into.

But you’re probably wondering what happened when we played.

Well, the first spin landed on lime/lawn clippings.

With napkin in hand, we slowly chomped down. Luckily, this one was a lime and pretty tasty. Next up was peach/barf. Unfortunately, we weren’t as lucky as the first spin and ended up with barf – and yes, it tasted just like it and yes, we spit it out immediately.

Our third spin landed on strawberry banana smoothie/dead fish. And let’s just put it this way: Did we ever luck out on that one.

We took a few more spins for research purposes, but you’ll have to watch the video online to see what happens next.

Author: Tim Goodwin

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