CYPN: Doug Phelan is a huge fan of living in Concord

Doug Phelan is the Concord Young Professionals Network professional of the month for February.
Doug Phelan is the Concord Young Professionals Network professional of the month for February.

The Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce’s Concord Young Professionals Network (CYPN) introduces you to another “Young Professional of the Month,” Doug Phelan.

How old are you? 29

Where do you live? Downtown Concord! It’s definitely the place to be. The buzz is real.

Where do you currently work? I’m a family medicine resident physician at the N.H. Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency. I practice throughout Concord Hospital, but mostly at the Family Health Center.

Where did you go to school? La Salle University (Go Explorers!) for my undergraduate degree and Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine for medical school. I’ve also just been accepted to the Dartmouth Institute for my MPH as part of a program next year, so I’m excited for that.

What do you like to do for fun? I love to cook, it’s a great way to be creative and de-stress. I’m a pretty musical guy and sing with the Concord Chorale. Beyond that, I’ve rarely met a movie or TV show I didn’t like, and I enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, yoga and soccer for staying active.

Last book you’ve read? Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. I’ll also plug The Art of Possibility by Ben and Roz Zander. I cannot recommend the book enough, no matter what you do.

How did you find out about CYPN and how has it benefited your business or you personally? A Philadelphian all of my life, I was looking for a way to get roots here in Concord after relocating to New Hampshire. I learned about CYPN and decided to attend a meeting. The friends I have made from that initial visit have kept me coming back, and those connections have created a home for me here in Concord. In that way, finding CYPN has been one of my most meaningful discoveries, adding community context and a sense of family as I settled in.

What organizations are you involved with? Concord Hospital and the Concord Chorale, as well as Capitol Center for the Arts and New Hampshire Public Radio through membership – support your local arts and media establishments.

Who is the most inspirational person in your life? Definitely my mom and dad; I think in many ways our first inspirational people remain so throughout our life.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Concord? Tucker’s for breakfast, Wellington’s for lunch, and The Barley House for dinner. I’m also very eager to get to Revival.

Favorite place to go to in Concord? Gibson’s Bookstore and the farmers market when it’s outdoors.

Favorite movie? Tie between Love Actually, Back to the Future, and The Third Man.

Who is your greatest role model? I have been blessed with many, and it’s hard to name just one. I have a good friend from school, Aaron George. When I think not only of the family physician I want to be, but the human, citizen, philosopher and friend I strive to be, Aaron comes to mind.

What is one of your life goals? I want to change the way we think about family medicine and primary care by going from a model that’s stale and stuck in an office or clinic, to one that engages everyone in the community where they live. We need to go beyond disease treatment and prevention, to integrating a person’s life goals with their health.

What has been your favorite CYPN event so far? Pats Peak was excellent. I love them all and go whenever possible.

If you could visit any country, where would you go? When I’m done with residency, I’m hoping to go to Italy and Ireland with my family, where we have roots. I’ve never been to either country.

Who would you really like to meet? Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Tell us a few interesting facts about yourself! I’m a Philly sports fan through and through – but I’ve also become a Red Sox fan since moving to Concord. I enjoy pretty much everything about snow. And I have a profound love for – and encyclopedic quote knowledge – of The Simpsons.

About CYPN: The Concord Young Professionals Network is a professional and personal development initiative of the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce. CYPN is a vibrant program that promotes networking opportunities for young professionals (generally 22-40s) by helping them make connections in the community and providing a casual, non-intimidating setting. CYPN hosts complimentary events on the third Wednesday of every month at various Concord venues. For more information, connect with us on Facebook at, Instagram at and Twitter at

Author: Insider Staff

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