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Rainbow Rowel

2014, 310 pages


With a name like Georgie McCool, you would think she had everything under control; you would be wrong. Georgie’s career is about to take off, her dream job just around the corner, one meeting away. Unfortunately the timing couldn’t be worse. Faced with the choice between following her dream and fixing her crumbling marriage, Georgie wants both. However, it seems that the two may be mutually exclusive.

The Christmas week without her husband Neal has Georgie questioning her sanity as she struggles to hold onto her marriage, her job, and the magic phone that somehow links her to when things were almost right between them, in 1998. Not able to bring herself to a home without her husband and daughters, Georgie spends the week in her teenage bedroom, which doesn’t help make things any clearer.

Rowel’s second book for adults is an immersive story about what happens to one woman faced with the reality that love may not be enough, that without it she might lose everything, and what she would do to get it back.

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Keith Testa

Author: Keith Testa

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