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Aug. 5: The fight

At approximately 5:30 p.m. officers Craig Levesque and Melissa Pfefferle were dispatched to a Gates Street residence for the report of a domestic disturbance.

According to Levesque's report, as he was walking up to the residence, he could hear yelling. When he opened the door, he saw both Paul Phaneuf, 45, of Concord and a young man on the floor. Both were covered in blood.

Levesque asked the man what happened. He said that he was on the computer while Phaneuf was outside working on cars and drinking. He said that when his mother arrived home, Phaneuf came inside and started an argument with him, saying something about a card. The man said Phaneuf called the man names like “scumbag” and “a–hole” and began to threaten him and his mother that he was going to turn off the cable, internet and phone since he pays the bills.

The man told Levesque that at this point he stood up from the computer and walked into the living room. Phaneuf followed him and continued to call him names. The man said that Phaneuf then “got right in his face,” so the man pushed Phaneuf away from him. The man said that Phaneuf came back and punched him in the face, so he retaliated by pushing Phaneuf through the screen door on to the porch. According to the man, the two continued to throw punches while his mother called the police and waited for the officers to arrive.

Levesque then found Phaneuf and spoke with him. According to Phaneuf, he and the man did get into a fight but he didn't want to press charges. When Levesque asked Phaneuf why he and the man were fighting, Phaneuf said that he didn't know.

“I asked Phaneuf if he had been drinking, and he stated no,” Levesque wrote. “I smelled an odor of alcoholic beverage coming from Phaneuf.”

Levesque then spoke with the mother. She said that the two began fighting about “some card.” She said that Phaneuf wouldn't get out of the man's face and continually called her son names before the fight became physical. She told Levesque that Phaneuf often calls her children names and yells at them.

Levesque learned from dispatch that Phaneuf was out on bail and one of the bail orders was to not consume any alcohol. Levesque asked Phaneuf once more if he had anything to drink, and Phaneuf again said no. Levesque asked Phaneuf to take a preliminary breath test. After taking the test, Levesque had reasonable evidence that Phaneuf was drinking that evening. Levesque arrested Phaneuf for both domestic assault and breach of bail.

Phaneuf refused bail and was transported to the Merrimack County jail. He was due in court Aug. 6.

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