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May 19
The man with the ‘billabong’ shirt
At 10:30 p.m. a clerk from the Irving gas station on Fisherville Road called the police station and reported a drunk man in the parking lot attempting to pick up girls, according to a report written by Officer Craig Levesque. The man was described as a white male around 35 to 40 years old, wearing glasses and a shirt that said “billabong” across it.

At 11:27 p.m., a woman called from a Fisherville Road apartment stating that a drunk man attempted to kiss her in the hallway. Levesque was dispatched to the apartment as was an officer from the Boscawen Police Department as backup.

“Upon arrival I made contact with two males in the hallway. They were not wearing shirts at the time,” Levesque wrote. “As I went to the alleged victim’s apartment, one man started to walk outside and the other remained in the hallway.”

According to the report, Levesque was met in the hallway by the alleged victim. She told Levesque that the man at the door was the person who attacked her. Levesque then walked outside and stopped the man, who was now wearing a shirt that said “billabong” on it.
Levesque wrote that he asked the man his name, and the man told him that his name was Steve. However, when Levesque asked for his ID, “Steve” refused. Levesque then asked what “Steve” was doing at the apartment complex, and he stated that he was talking to a friend. When Levesque asked him what his friend’s name was, “Steve” had no answer.
“At this time I gave ‘Steve’ a pat search. I again asked for his ID. At this time he became angry and aggressive toward me and the Boscawen officer,” Levesque wrote. “He squared off as if he was ready to fight. While speaking with him, I observed he had a strong odor of alcohol beverage coming from his mouth. He was very unsteady on his feet. It was clear that he was drunk.”

Levesque placed “Steve” in handcuffs and once again asked for his ID, Levesque wrote. “Steve” finally gave Levesque his ID, which identified him as William Renz, 36, of Concord.
“I placed Renz in the back of my police car. While doing so, he verbally attacked the Boscawen officer and me. I went inside and spoke with the victim, while the Boscawen officer remained outside with Renz,” Levesque wrote.

According to Levesque’s report, the woman told Levesque that she was inside her apartment when the door buzzer went off. She said that she was unable to understand what the person was saying, so she went to the door. She said that she opened the door and Renz was standing there and told the woman that she knew him. The woman told Levesque that, in fact, she did not know Renz.

The woman continued to tell Levesque that Renz put his hands on her face and attempted to kiss her, but she pulled away. She said that Renz then placed one hand on each of her breasts and squeezed down on them, even though she told him to stop. Renz told the woman that he was staying at the hotel across the street. According to the woman, Renz stopped grabbing her when she told him that she would meet him at the hotel but just needed to go back inside her apartment first. At this point she called the police, Levesque wrote.

“I returned to the police car and told Renz that he was under arrest for sexual assault. I transported him to the station,” Levesque wrote. “On the way to the station Renz stated that he would fight me if I took his handcuffs off.”

Once at the station Renz was placed into a cell where his handcuffs were left on, Levesque wrote. According to the report, Renz continued to verbally attack the officers and would not calm down long enough to be processed.

“While searching Renz in the cell I found a State of New Hampshire bail order on his pocket. Renz was bailed out of Sullivan County on May 14 by a presiding judge. His bail was $3,000 cash,” Levesque wrote. “One of the orders was to refrain from any use of alcohol.”
Renz’s bail was set at a cash bail of $4,000. He was charged with simple assault, sexual assault and breach of bail and was due in court on May 20.

May 25
‘You’re going to pay’
At approximately 9:15 a.m. Officer Steven Martel was sent to a Perley Street residence for a domestic criminal mischief report. According to his report, he spoke with a man upon arrival who said his ex-girlfriend, Jessica Warren, 21, of Concord, knocked over his motorcycle.
A woman who lives directly across the street from the man apparently witnessed Warren doing so, Martel wrote. The man and woman both agreed to write statements.

According to Martel’s report, the man informed Martel that Warren had left him a note at his house (where Warren also once resided) earlier in the month that informed him the relationship was over and that she was moving to Virginia. That morning, the man received a phone call from Warren stating that she wanted to get back together. The man said that he informed her that he did not want to.

In the statement the man gave to Martel, he wrote, “she told me ‘your bike’s on the ground. Its f—ing destroyed. I hope you and your little girlfriend are happy. You’re both going to pay.’ Well, when I arrived home, my motorcycle, a 1992 Kawasaki Ninja 7X-ZR, was laying on the ground with a spare tire to a car laying on top of the bike. I picked up the bike and noticed extensive damage.”

The woman across the street who witnessed the incident wrote in her statement to Martel that around 9:15 a.m. she heard yelling outside of her house and when she looked outside she saw a young woman yelling on her cell phone. She recognized Warren as the woman who used to live at the residence across the street from her, as well as her vehicle – a blue car with New Hampshire plates.

“She [Warren] continued to yell on the phone – obviously upset with whoever she was speaking to,” the woman wrote. “After a few more minutes of yelling, I saw her go to the motorcycle that was parked by the stairs covered under a tarp. First, she messed with the tarp and then walked back to the car. After getting off the phone she cried and then went back to the bike and knocked it over.”

Martel wrote in his report that the vehicle registered to Warren is a blue 2003 Dodge Stratus.
“I spoke with Warren on the phone and she informed me that she was heading back to Virginia,” Martel wrote. According to Martel, he was able to convince Warren to return to Concord so he could arrest her.

Martel arrested Warren upon her arrival for criminal mischief. A personal recognizance bail was set for $1,000 and she is due in court on June 22.


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