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April 5
“Honey, come on”
At 1:27 a.m., Officer Joseph Pitta was in a marked cruiser at the corner of Capitol Street and North Main Street when he heard a woman shouting. According to his report, he saw a woman and man walking south in front of Eagle Square. The woman was shouting at the man, and Pitta heard the man say, “Honey, come on.”

Pitta wrote that the woman then turned and ran toward the man and punched him, hit him with her purse and kicked him. The man held up his arms to protect his face and stepped away from her.

Pitta drove across the street and told them both to stop.“I told the woman to sit on a bench and she said, ‘He’s my husband. I didn’t do anything wrong,” Pitta wrote. She resisted sitting until Pitta took her by the arm and told her to sit. Pitta wrote that she smelled like liquor and was clearly intoxicated.

According to the report, Pitta asked for their drivers licenses. At this point he discovered the woman was Alexis Lee Snow, 27, of Boscawen.

Officers Dick Scott and Brian Longabardi arrived to assist Pitta. The man told the officers that he and Snow had been at a high school reunion and that she was upset with him because of something his ex-girlfriend said. The man had scratches on both sides of his neck and a red mark on his left cheek.

Snow told the officers she had been arguing with her husband, and continued to claim that she didn’t do anything wrong. She confirmed that the couple was arguing over something her husband’s ex had said.

Pitta placed Snow under arrest for simple assault. A personal recognizance bail of $1,000 was set, and she is due in court May 14.

April 14
Respect her house
At 11:08 p.m., Officers Dick Scott and James Fallon were sent to a Spruce Street residence. According to Scott’s report, upon arrival he saw a woman arguing with someone inside the residence.

Officer Fallon knocked on the door and Ivette Fonseca, 44, of Concord, opened it. She then yelled, “The police are here, and you called them so you come talk to them.” A woman came to the door and walked out onto the porch, Scott wrote.

Fonseca attempted to shut the door, but Scott asked her to leave it open so he could speak with her. Fonseca stated, “This is my house and my rules. You can’t come in because my dog will attack you.” Scott noticed that Fonseca had bloodshot eyes and appeared to be intoxicated.

“I told her that I would not come inside, but she would have to come outside. She refused and stated that I was not respecting her home. Fonseca then tried to shut the door again, but my foot was still holding it open,” Scott wrote. Officer Fallon also attempted to explain to Fonseca that she needed to step outside.

Scott wrote that Fonseca pointed behind the officers at the woman and when she did so her hand came within a few inches of Scott’s face. Scott guided her hand away, and asked her not to do it again. This prompted Fonseca to immediately do it again. Scott, once again, guided her hand away and asked her to stop.

“Fonseca then took a step closer to me and at which point I still had my foot in the door. As I started to move my hands up to keep my distance, Fonseca slapped my right arm with her left hand,” Scott wrote.

Scott arrested Fonseca. When he took her out of his vehicle, he saw a small sandwich bag with a green leafy substance which inside. “I suspected it was marijuana,” Scott wrote. His suspicions were later confirmed with a field test. The bag of marijuana weighed approximately 2 grams. No one else had been in Scott’s back seat since the start of his shift.

Fonseca was arrested for simple assault and two counts of possession of controlled drugs. She was held with no bail and was due in court April 14.

April 17
Highway walkers
At around 1 a.m., Officer Brian Longbardi responded to the Exit 13, Interstate 93 southbound access ramp for a report of two females walking on the road.

According to Longbardi’s report, when he arrived he found two females and noticed one of the women in the right travel way waving her arms as if she were dancing with her back toward Longbardi. This woman was later identified as Dawnmarie Hills, 32, of Manchester. As he pulled up to them, Hills kept walking in the right travel portion. Longbardi had to continually tell her to move off.

When Longbardi asked the women what they were doing, they told him they were heading to Manchester. Longbardi asked them why they were walking on the highway. The women said they were in a car with two guys whom they met at Friendly’s. Apparently, the guys were acting weird so they asked them to let them out of the car, Longbardi wrote. According to the women, the men left them out on the access way of Exit 13.

Hills told Longbardi that they were looking for a pay phone. Longbardi pointed out that if they just walked back to Concord, they could have used a pay phone right off of the exit.
Longbardi wrote that he could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Hills’s mouth.

Hills was taken into custody for disorderly conduct with a personal recognizance bail of $750. She is due in court May 27.

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