'Mud, mud, glorious mud' and other fun songs

Third-grade correspondents Ella Fabozzi and Sophia Johnson attended the Rick Charette concert on March 29 at the Concord City Auditorium. The concert was a benefit for the scholarship program at the Ralph Waldo Emerson School for Preschoolers in Concord. Both girls are Emerson alums.

Sophia: It (the Rick Charette concert) was really good, and I really think the crowd screamed loud. I think the most popular song was “Mud” and everyone knew the words.

Ella: I love that song!

S: And everyone knew the words to “Mud, mud, glorious mud.” Okay?

E: I am sure everyone loved it, even me.

S: Even me. And the average age was like babies to adults and every type of kid in-between, like teenagers. I even saw a teenager.

E: Yeah, and he was dancing like crazy like. Uh Huh! (Makes dancing noises.) We asked some random people – we have no idea who they are – some questions.

S: Like, why did you come? “To have fun!” What did you expect? “New songs!” What was your favorite song? “Mud, mud, glorious mud!”

E: One of the questions I asked was . . . (Sophie is still saying muuuuud.) Okay, Sophie, one of the questions, I asked was, “What kind of gum do you like?”

S: Bubble gum, bubble gum.

E: Are you excited for Rick Charette? And of course, “yes!” And, have you been to the ocean? “Umm hmm.”

S: Okay, so, I think a lot of people didn’t want it (the concert) to end, and a lot of people seemed happy about it and THE CROWD SHOUTED VERY LOUD! (Said with great emphasis.)

E: And I have a neck freeze because I’m drinking a smoothie.

S: P.S. – You don’t have to put the smoothie part in the paper. But do! Okay, umm, some of this year’s Emerson School people got to go on stage with Al the Alligator to sing, “There’s An Alligator in the Elevator and I Don’t Know What to Do.” Okay, that’s enough. And, well, did you ever know Rick Charette’s favorite composers are Mozart and Bach? I mean Baaaach! His favorite holiday is the Fourth of July.

E: I think we already said that.

S: That’s okay.

E: We got in free.

S: We got in free because we’re Sophia Johnson, press, and Ella Fabozzi, press.

E: UmmmHmmm. (agreeing)

S: And one of the people, well, a lot of people had fun. Like Ella interviewed like four people and asked them all same question, “Did you have fun?” and they all said yes.

E: I did not ask anyone if they had fun. I forgot to.

S: Well, you asked them if they liked it.

E: No I didn’t. I asked if they were excited for Rick Charette.

Megan (Sohpia’s mom): What were people telling you?

E: Yes.

S: Yes, yes, yes.

Megan: Did you get their names?

E and S: No.

S: One of them was Mary. One of them was Susan. And one of them was a little boy sitting in front of us. One was a little girl sitting in back of us.

Megan: Did you dance?

E and S: Oh Yeah!

Thanks to Megan Devorsey (Sophia’s mom) and Autumn Van Sice (Ella’s mom) for their reporting assistance. Also, thanks to Emerson parent-volunteer Susanne Stich for inviting the girls to the concert.

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